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All animal photographs on this website are of our own pigs and/or pigs that were born here.

Pigs are traditionally in the company of humans. In small village communities all over the world, pigs used to be free-range animals, destined for slaughter. In the old days, most farmers and many villagers in the Netherlands, used to own a pig or two. Nowadays, pig-farming in the Netherlands is largely industrialized. Pigs are social, funny, communicative, intelligent and cleanly animals. It’s no wonder that in recent years, there are more and more small-scale pig-farmers who keep pigs for a hobby.

We are the owners of some beautiful Kune Kune pigs. Kune Kunes are known as the Maori pigs from New Zealand. They were kept by the Maori as free-range pigs, and eaten on special occasions. In the Maori settlements, the pigs were free to scuttle about in search of food and they were allowed inside the houses. The long and close contact with humans is probably the reason that these pigs are of such a calm and friendly nature.

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