December 2012

Holland’s Next Top model!
Our Rosie (we sold her as a piglet) is now ´poster pig’ on the latest brand pig muesli, sold by a major national retail chain. To say Rosie’s new owner and we are proud is an understatement. J

More piglets in March 2013. Plum was successfully served by Oscar and Peanut is expecting a litter from handsome Andrew boar Boris.

Ginger parents, but lovely white socks.

Rooting!? Who, me?!  
Betsey might look innocent, but the dirt -from double chin towards ears- betrays her. During spring/summer my kunes just graze and leave the grass to grow. But over winter, when the ground gets wet, they will start rooting. So time to move my girls into winter quarters. Two well drained fields they are allowed to trash. And enough concrete tiles to feed them on and to keep their feet dry. Next spring they will have plenty of grass again.


Three friends came all the way from Bonn (Germany) to cuddle our pigs. Ladies and kunes had fun!

And some more photos of piglets at their new homes.

October 2012

We are expecting two litters in January 2013.
Handsome tutaki boar Huub will be the father of June’s (Rebecca Gina) next litter. And, as expected, they get along famously. Which kune kune sow wouldn’t, with such a stunning boar?!

                                                                 Photo: Annette Hagemeijer

Our sweet Andrew boar Oscar finally discovered (he took his time) he’s a ‘real boy’. And Rosa needed some time to discover she couldn’t boss around Oscar anymore, like she did when he was tiny. But after a few days hormones kicked in and they became inseparable. Oscar is the father of Rosa’s (Sally) expected litter.


October 2012

Some photos of our pigs at their new homes. Getting these ‘updates’ makes us happy.

 Thank you!

September 2012

This year’s AGM of our Dutch Kune Kune Pig Society was held at ‘zorgboerderij Boldershoeve’ in Druten.
And besides lovely pigs they had some other rare breeds as well.

Don’t you think these goats should star in some Disney movie?!

August 2012

The last piglets will move to Germany next month. We enjoyed all our litters this spring, but it feels good to be able to give my ‘big girls’ lots of attention again.

Piglets –and sow Lily- in their new homes.

All my adult kunes are shedding their coats. Grand old lady Betsey isn’t ginger anymore but more of an ashen-blond.

Boar Oscar is getting too fat, runs in the family. J His life might be a bit too lazy and relaxed with his main job ‘taking great care of newly weaned piglets’. He still doesn’t seem to realize he’s a ‘real boy’; guess next winter some of the big girls will shake him up a little.


June 2012

Peanuts piglets, five weeks old.

In June we exported three piglets to Austria, in two weeks three of our piglets and one sow will move to Germany, and a few weeks later we will again export two piglets to Germany. In every export we are sending one pig of the rare female trish-bloodline.

Received more pics of our pigs in their new homes.
Kunes in Austria…..

And two of our piglets with their new owners in the Netherlands.

June 2012

Peanuts piglets!

Received two photos of our pigs at their new homes. Thank you!


April 2012


March 2012

Babies, babies, babies! Rosa and Lily had their litters so now there are piglets everywhere. Lots of work, but most of all lots of fun!

Time flies while observing piglets and their moms.  Spending time with the kunes sometimes almost seems therapeutic, after watching their behaviour for a while you walk away at peace.

Our lamb is fascinated by those noisy and strange ´little sheep´. When things get too frightening it’s time to touch home-base again.


March 2012

Our black and white little boar moved to Denmark along with a lovely kune kune gilt, bred by dear friend and colleague-breeder Annette Hagemeijer. As you can see they are already fully integrated in Danish society.

And one of Betsey’s daughters had her first litter at her new address. So Betsey is a grandma now!

March 2012

Now five years old. Congratulations, Betsey!

March 2012

Plum's litter!

And June's litter (this 'first time mom' had ten piglets!).


March 2012

Received some lovely photos of our pigs in their new homes. Thanks!

Plum and June will (hopefully) have their piglets the coming week. Plum is late farrowing, again! (Always at least a day or four). We are expecting June’s piglets one week later, but from the feel of June’s udder I suspect the ladies might farrow not far apart. We cannot wait!

Our Walliser Schwarznase ewe had her first lamb!


February 2012

Daily routine during wintertime.
Divide loads of pellets, fodder beet, maize and haylage between all pigs and sheep.

Carry around wheelbarrow with jerry cans filled with hot water to defrost water-troughs, at least once. Sheep seem to think this water is a lot more tastier than their own and are in my way the whole time.

Betsey fully agrees with them, very tasty!

By the time I finish my round, and start mucking out the fields, my kunes are long done eating. With mouthfuls of haylage they retreat to their huts for a nice, long morning-nap.
And of course in the evenings the same routine.

Pigs don’t focus well, but I am told they do distinguish colours very well. So I had to buy these wellies, just in their best interest!

My Trish-gilt Peanut was covered by Te Wanghi boar Filip. At first Peanut was more interested in the neighbouring kunes and mei-shan, who in turn were totally fascinated by eager beaver Filip, but next day she fell for his charms. Piglets expected in May!


January 2012

Due to my friend and colleague-breeder Annette Hagemijer (Zwijnstein) cutting down a bit on her kunekune-herd, we were able to buy her ginger-black trish-gilt Peanut. Thank you, Annette!
Peanut has very good conformation and is a quality breeding gilt. She also has a lovely temperament, very soft and friendly. Peanut was imported from the UK and bred by Wendy Scudamore. Peanut’s parents are beautiful Hattie and stunning Brad Pig (both bred and owned by Wendy).
Image 2,3,4,5 Wendy Scudamore and image 6,7,8 Annette Hagemeijer.

Royal Bath and West Country Fair 2011                                                                                   Peanut and mummy


        Little Brad.....                                                and big Brad with Wendy.



Brad's 'nine minutes of fame' starring in the short movie  'Kosher'.

Peanut is starting to feel at home, but keeps wondering who those strange 'woolly pigs' are in the other field. 

January 2012

During the wintertime my girls love to eat haylage.

Little boars, Oscar and Jack, like to snack too.


January 2012

Plum’s little boar now lives in Denmark together with one of Annette Hagemeijer's little gilts. Those piglets sure look happy over there!

And these two castrates (litter Rosa and litter Betsey) moved to Belgium. Where they often have to share their food with the hens.